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Welcome to Children's Services Northern Ireland

Children's Services Northern Ireland is an independent resource operating within both the Statutory and Voluntary Sectors. Children's Services Northern Ireland aims to provides contact information for the members of the public and Healthcare Professionals alike regarding Children’s Services in Northern Ireland in general and including the following:

Adoption and Adoption Services in Northern Ireland,

Post Adoption Support and Services in Northern Ireland for Adults as well as Children,

Intercountry Adoption Advice and Guidelines,

Early Years Services,

Children's Services Northern Ireland is designed as a "one stop" resource to Children's Services in Northern Ireland. Visitors will find their particular item of information pertaining to Children's Services in Northern Ireland directly or will find themselves directed to further more relevant resources. Whether your search revolves around finding information about Children's Services of a Northern Irish, NI, Ulster, Irish or Ireland as a whole basis, we hope you will find this web site useful.

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Current News Articles
Promotional Picture of British Rock Musician Seal Seal Searching
Robert Sandall, of The Sunday Times magazine, talks to singer Seal about his relationship to the UK, and his success as an artist. Sandall says: The beginning of the story was exceptionally rag-like. Born in 1963 to a recently arrived immigrant Nigerian couple, who promptly gave him up for adoption and then split up
Image of Celebrity TV Programme Winner Kerry McFadden How I survived without bitterness
Kerry McFadden, winner of I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here! speaks to Angela Levin of the Daily Mail about her childhood and how it was to grow up in foster care. She says that the first foster home she went to was an emergency one in London.
Generic Sihouette of a Child in a Care Home Difficulties and Prejudices faced by Children in care
The public underestimates the difficulties and prejudices faced by children in care, a report by The Prince’s Trust has shown.
Generic image of two young children playing at a childminders Paedophile fears curb childcare on the Internet
Inspection reports on childminders will be published on the internet next year, but their addresses will not be disclosed after fears were raised of paedophile attacks. New rules will allow parents to check the standards of childminders in England on the internet from April 2005.
Recent News Articles
Middle-class teenagers to benefit most from child trust funds |
Boarding School is like Child Abuse say nurses |
Boy banned from Christmas play |
Childrens needs not being met |
E coli infects nine children |
Church receives 150 sex abuse complaints |
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Adopt NI |

Homefirst HSST Antrim & Ballymena Adoption Team |

Homefirst HSST Cookstown & Magherafelt Adoption Team |

Homefirst HSST Larne, Carrickfergus & Newtonabbey Adoption Team |

South & East Belfast Health & Social Services Trust |

The Church of Ireland Adoption Society |

The Eastern Childcare Partnership
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Should becoming a Mother later on in life be stigmatised the way it seems to be?
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